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Style inspiration brought to you by resident stylist Julie Dickson

Colour has become really relevant in our wardrobes these last few seasons. A few years back all the coolest women were wearing head to toe block with maybe a pop of white but suddenly blacks and greys and beiges look so dated and whilst there is still space in our wardrobes for these classic neutrals …bright and pastel shades have become really important. Why you may ask.. well firstly it makes you look fresh and modern and secondly it’s flattering. As we age we lose colour in our hair and complexions so head to toe black is draining, beige makes you look too tonal and grey is just dull. A pop of really bright colour has a MAJOR effect on how you look….

Secondly we are going to look at layering. So not only is layering practical (I’m always either too hot or too cold!) but it’s the styling trick all the stylish women use to look modern. So you can layer textures, prints and colour and here’s how to do it!

First up let’s look at adding just a pop of bright colour and one of the easiest ways to start is with a jumper so I’ve chosen this gorgeous pillar box red sweater which by the way is made from a recycled yarn (£29/£32 depending on size 10-28) and I’ve styled it with the black/white check trousers (£39 10-28 and 2 leg lengths) as there is a hint of red in the check which picks up the colour of the sweater. I’ve topped off the look with this full length padded parka coat (£119/£130 depending on size 10-28) in olive. Olive and red are a great pairing as you can see here. You could also layer with a cream or white shirt as that is very flattering on the skin) Finish off with a pair of chunky boots or white trainers.

So my second outfit is all about the pinks and I’ve started this look with these fab dusky rose 3/4 trousers (10-28 £35) This is a universally flattering colour and if it doesn’t work for your colouring then wear it on your bottom half. Style with this pretty cream and pink fairisle sweater (10-28 £35/£39) This works because we’ve picked out a unifying colour which is the dusky rose so the outfit looks tied together. Now I love to layer print and pattern so I’ve topped off the look with this fab wool mix check coat (10-28 £119-£130). The quality is something else! The reason why this whole look works is the colours – the softer shades of cream, dusky rose and pale brown make a lovely colour palette so they look great worn together.

So now I want to show you this fabulous light green quilted coat, it also comes in navy. it has a very simple shape – collarless and cut straight (10-28 £59/£65) which is very fashionable for Autumn 21. I’ve styled it with a roll neck sweater in a pop of bright ochre , some high waisted perfect Fit jeans and this great abstract printed scarf which is £19. A great way to finish off your look and add another “layer” is to wrap a boldly printed scarf around your neck – again choose colours that complement your outfit .

Now I want to talk about wearing the unexpected so in this case a fake fur collarless coat (10-28 £69/£75) that you might think should be restricted to a glamorous night out- absolutely not! It looks even better worn with jeans and a fab sweater for daytime! Never restrict your wardrobe …make sure you wear everything and don’t keep things “for best”. Again it’s the layering of textures that really makes this outfit work denim with knitwear and fake fur.

Colour wise I’ve picked out the lilac/grey hue in the jacket by teaming it with this fab intarsia jumper (10-28 £39/£43) that incorporates grey, cream and lilac. Finish off with the Perfect Fit jeans or you could go for darker grey trousers. Remember to push up your sleeves – the flash of lilac looks so modern!

Next up let’s talk about tone on tone dressing which is when you just choose different tones of one colour. This is easy to do and is very flattering as it’s doesn’t cut off the body at any one point so elongating your look. So in this instant I’ve gone with shades of blue starting with this gorgeous Air Force blue padded jacket (10-28 £69/£75) padded jackets and coats are very on trend this as well as keeping you warm they look very modern and stylish. And then start styling up with other pieces in blue so this pretty argyle sweater (10-28 £39/£43) and these ponte navy trousers.

Lastly I wanted to show you how to style the Seventies colour palette that is so big for Autumn so I’ve started off with this fab 70’s inspired print top (10-28 £27/£30) and I’ve layered it under this great burgundy leather biker – this is such good quality- very soft buttery leather and fully lined (10-28 £169/£185) and then keeping within those darker hues I’ve put the stretch wide leg trousers (10-28 £45) in dark green so as you can see the overall colour palette is retro Seventies but the shapes are all modern keeping the whole look up to date!

For more tips and tricks, read this blog on how to style the new season trends and don’t forget to catch us live on our Facebook channel.

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