How to relax and create a self care routine at home

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Times have certainly been hard of late and learning how to relax has so many benefits to body and mind. I want to share a few of the products and techniques I like to use to unwind.

Self care is so important and often overlooked. We need to make some time to take care of our bodies inside and outside. At the end of a long day for me there is nothing better than a soak in the bath. Candles, music, and a nice glass of wine! (shhh!).

Adding a relaxing oil or some bath salts can really help to relieve any tension in the body. Breathe in the aromas close your eyes and imagine you are in the spa. Neom perfect nights sleep bath foam or This works deep sleep bath soak are my personal favourites.

relax with a bath

Doing some breathe work or mediation whilst in the bath also has wonderful relaxing benefits and helps reduce anxiety. I put on some relaxing music and spend some time concentrating on my breathe. Taking slow and controlled breaths in and out for a count of 5 (in for 5 out for 5). Your mind can be full of things buzzing around and if I spend just a little time focused on my breathing my mind starts to calm. If you feel any anxiety building this is definitely worth a try any time of the day.

Using a body scrub or body brush boosts your circulation and promotes fresh soft skin. As you get older the shedding of skin cells slows so doing a scrub or body brush can really help. If you do this in the mornings with a zingy scent it can really lift your mood. I love the citrus scent of the Molton Brown Orange and bergamot body polish.

body scrubs to boost circulation

Leave your phone at the bathroom door and switch off the lights. Lights some candles to really give you a spa like experience. Choose something with lavender or chamomile to help calm your mind. Cowshed do a lovely calming room candle.

After my bath I like to finish with a facial roller or Gua sha stone. Typically these come in either Jade or Rose quartz. Using a facial oil of your choice and massaging the face increases circulation relieves muscle tension and improves lymphatic drainage. Particularly good for those who wake up feeling puffy in the mornings. But one of the biggest selling points is its amazing anti ageing properties. Increasing the blood flow will help to increase collagen production and you can target areas such as dark circles or fine lines and wrinkles. I use the Hayo’u jade beauty restorer. (Tip.. keep it in the fridge overnight and place it gently on your eyes in the mornings if they get puffy).

massaging facial roller

Hope some of my tips help you to relax and take a moment for yourself. Now go and run that bath!!!

Love Collette xxx

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