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Winter skin saviours

Beauty tips and tricks brought to you by resident hair and makeup artist Collette Casey

The weather has certainly changed of late but have you thought about your skincare? The elements play such a big part in how your skin behaves especially coming in and out of the cold, especially with central heating. Making a few tweaks to your skincare routine when the weather changes can make all the difference.

Most people have the 3 step daily routine covered (cleanse tone and moisturise) but have you thought about adding a few extra steps to get your skin glowing on these dark days?

Adding a serum to your morning routine underneath your moisturiser will help lock in some really beneficial ingredients and push them deeper within the skin. Allowing your skin to look plump and have a youthful glow, and who wouldn’t want that. Hyaluronic acid sounds scary but it really isn’t, your skin already has it! But adding an acid into your routine is super hydrating (imagine it’s like giving your skin a drink). Plus by adding hydration it will plump out the skin and reduce fine lines so win win! Simply cleanse and tone your face as normal then, whilst your skin is still damp from the toner add the acid. This will drink up the moisture from the toner and all those active ingredients go straight into the skin.

If you have ever wondered why your makeup doesn’t last and soaks into the skin then more than likely it needs a drink (hyaluronic acid) so this will help! Switch the serum in the evening. Go for a retinol/vitamin A serum. This is a must! As the skin ages your cell renewal slows down. Retinol will exfoliate the skin and give it back its glow! Start off slowly with retinol so your skin gets used to it. Once or twice a week in the evenings to start with before you moisturise. Then slowly build it up. Don’t be afraid to build on top of your serums with others, they all have different benefits during the your morning routine. Using a vitamin C serum on your skin helps promote collagen production and is a great addition. On top of that its an antioxidant protecting your skin from UV exposure.

Finally and personally I think is vital in your daily skincare routine is SPF. Using SPF is essential for so many reasons. If you are using a retinol product it is a must as your new fresh skin needs protecting. A lot of moisturisers have it within their products which is great but if they don’t I suggest getting one. Your skin is constantly exposed to harmful rays along with the cold, wind, pollution to name a few. SPF will act as a barrier and using it after a vitamin c serum is a match made in heaven!

I hope this has helped you and your skin prepare for the weather whatever it may be! Stay safe and I will be back again soon!

Collette x

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