Boxers VS Briefs- what’s best for you?

It goes without saying that in the last few decades, men have had a great and expanding choice in underwear selection, and two of the most popular types of men’s underwear are of course boxers and briefs.

Although many men tend to go decades without changing which type of underwear they prefer, do you know what kind works best for you, or what the benefits of a switch could be?

Boxer shorts

Interestingly, boxer shorts haven’t been around for that long and were invented by Jacob Golomb, founder of Everlast, in 1925.

Today they are, of course, popular around the world, and offer a loose-fitting and breathable alternative to other underwear types.

Although some men enjoy a firmer level of support, for those that are interested in fertility, boxer shorts tend to provide cooler environments, which is beneficial for a higher sperm count.

The length of a pair of boxer shorts can vary depending on whether they are tailored to fit an individual person, but generally, they are long cut, which is fitting for baggier trousers.

You can also find boxer briefs, which offer more support and cover less length along the leg — making them great for workouts and sporting activities.


A shorter and snugger type of underwear, briefs have been around for even less time than boxer shorts, having been invented in 1935 in Chicago.

Briefs offer more support than boxers, firmly covering both back and front. That said, briefs tend to offer less coverage along the upper thigh and the inside of the leg.

Thanks to the levels of support offered throughout, men’s briefs are also great for sporting activities and any exercise that you might enjoy.

They’re also fantastic for men who prefer to avoid excess fabric and are perfect for casual or formal events.

How to get the most comfort out of your underwear

How comfortable you are in boxers or briefs will ultimately depend on your body shape and your physique.

No one enjoys underwear that rides up or falls away from their body, and a supportive and well-fitting pair will help lessen the risk of irritation.

The fabric of underwear is also very important, and at Damart we offer men’s boxers and briefs made from quality cotton, which allows for soft, breathable comfort.

When it comes to choosing a size, if you’re unsure, measure your waist with a tape measure:


Size UK (inch) UK (cm EU FR/ES
XS 30 73-78 3 1
S 32 79-84 4 2
M 34 85-90 5 3
L 36 91-96 6 4
XL 38 97-102 7 5
XXL 40 13-108 8 6


For those who want to try something totally different, we also sell men’s trunks right here.

Trunks are generally thought of as a hybrid cut between briefs and boxers and are great for everyday use, going out, taking part in sports, and can be worn with just about anything.

They are also great as they offer a higher proportion of stretch within the material, although anyone with larger thighs might find that they ride up when walking.



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