Skincare in lockdown

Staying in is the new going out

Beauty tips and tricks brought to you be resident makeup artist Collette Casey

Looking for ways to elevate your look or simply in need of some hacks to look good on video calls?

For most of us right now we are either having to take some time off or work from home. Video calls, quiz nights, catching up with friends via the laptop or phone is the new way of socialising. Unfortunately we don’t know for how long, but fortunately for your skin we have plenty of time to make you look FABULOUS!

Now lets get your skin fresh and glowing!

It has never been such a perfect time to invest in your skin, not having to wear makeup everyday is allowing your skin time to recharge and rejuvenate. Often a new skincare routine takes at least a month to really make some changes to your skin and during this time can often results in some breakouts which is perfectly normal but not wanted so do it now.

Whilst we are at home make sure you treat your skin. Invest in some hydrating creams/serums to help plump your skin and make it look fresh and luminous. No need for those heavy foundations at home, although if you feel more comfortable wearing a foundation then why not try some amazing CC products on the market ( I love the IT Cosmetics cc foundation). They have great buildable coverage with lots of beneficial skin ingredients for the skin. Not as heavy as a foundation but perfect for video calls for that extra confidence.

To compliment that gorgeous skin add a flush of colour on the cheeks with a cream blush, this could always be used as a lipstick too! My daily go to is the Trinny London lip2cheek in Veebee. Finish with some mascara and a touch of powder if you feel to shiny. But try and keep yourself looking fresh and luminous.

It’s all about the light on video calls make sure your facing the window front on, side light shadows on the face do not flatter and spotlights above you will make you look like you have had a bad nights sleep so lets consider the lighting when you make those morning meetings.

Did you know your computer screen might be ageing you?

It has been proven that the blue light from screens gives out uv light which is damaging for the skin and eyes. With screen time on the rise it is so important to protect your skin. Wearing a daily face SPF whether it be incorporated into your moisturiser or on its own is vital. Invest in some vitamin C products to really help with extra protection. Vitamin C has some fantastic skin benefits. Not only does it help reduce wrinkles it helps with sun damage and hyper pigmentation which will help to brighten and heal your skin.

Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing! Hope this helps to brighten your day.

Love Collette xxx

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