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Relax in to a good night’s sleep

Snuggling up in the softest bed, laying your head on a plumped up pillow and pulling a cosy duvet over you has to be one of the best ways to drift off to sleep. But how do you create that perfect sanctuary where you look forward to climbing into bed and falling asleep for a blissful, unbroken night of rejuvenating sleep? We have a few ideas, read on to find out more.

Get a good sleep routine

There are lots of things you can do to achieve a great night’s sleep. From a good bedtime routine, to finding your own way to wind down and relax your brain ready for bed.

Limiting caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee or stopping them at 6pm can really help relax your body. While making to do lists are a good way to off load all the things whizzing round your head, keeping you alert and active. Once on paper, they’re off your mind and let your brain rest. But there are a few other things you can do to make your bedroom a cosy retreat.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary

Bedding to create your sleep sanctuary

Preparing your bedroom and creating a lovely relaxing haven plays a big part in drifting off at the end of a day. A super soft bed can work wonders. Start at the very beginning with a fitted mattress protector that brings an extra layer underneath.

We like the cotton mix fabrics for freshness and they’re machine washable, so are easy to look after. Choose from quilted finishes to cosy fur in cooler months. This one is a favourite and it comes with free quilted pillow cases for an even better night’s sleep.

Keep your temperature just right

Temperature is key to a great night’s sleep. Too hot and you’re uncomfortable, but if you throw off the covers, in five minutes you’re too cold. Choosing the right tog duvet is important.

Take your pick from lightweight hollowfibre duvets that are easy to sleep under and pull up the bed, or duck feather and down duvets, which give you a little more weight and can also help you sleep better. We like this hollowfibre duvet, with a cover that’s machine washable, so it’s perfect for Summer time.

It comes in a range of sizes and togs, from a light 4.5 for warmer Summer evenings, to 10.5 tog on cooler Autumnal evenings, to an extra toasty 13.5, perfect for chilly Winter nights. Starting at just £12 you can add brilliant value to its list of things to like.

Perfectly plump pillows

We can’t mention bedding without adding gorgeous pillows to the list. There’s nothing like sinking into a lovely soft, fresh pillow. There’s a host of great choices out there, whether you love supportive options for reading in bed or something that’s barely there.

Take a look at our range we have everything from memory foam pillows that mold to your shape, to duck down or orthopedic pillows to ease back and neck strain, it’s up to you.

Our favourite is the Perfect Pillow. Its hollowfibre filling is nice and light for Summer and you can choose your comfort level from soft, medium and firm. The cotton mix cover not only makes them soft to touch but machine washable too. With our two pack, starting at just £10 we don’t think you’ll lose any sleep over making this comfy, great value choice.

Beautiful bedding from boudoir to basic

Cassandra bedding set

That sanctuary feel is all in the décor and we have a superb range of duvet covers to add sparkle and style to any bedroom. Bright Summer shades can’t help but lift a room and bring the new season inside. We love the stunning floral Cassandra Duvet set, its 300 thread count is a fantastic quality fabric that feels lovely and soft and washes beautifully. It also comes with two pillow cases. Tone it with soft greys, lilac and a splash of aubergine for a contrasting hue.

For a burst of sunshine how about our delightful Yasmina Duvet set? In a beautiful ochre shade, with splashes of grey and white elegant florals it brings a warm smile to any bedroom. In an easy care cotton blend it washes like a dream and all sizes from single to king size have co-ordinating pillow cases.

Yasmina duvet set

A sumptuous bedroom is the perfect escape to hide away and sleep soundly. A good night’s slumber goes a long way to boost well being and improve your immunity. With so many physical and mental health benefits, a good night’s sleep does much more than reviving your batteries and filling you with energy, ready for another day.

For our full range of bedding, mattress protectors and comfortable pillows why not make your way to our website and browse our Sleep Essentials section? 


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